Sunday, May 31, 2009

On vacation from our vacation

Game 7: Celtics lose to the Orlando Magic

We have been out of the US for 8 months now, and think it will take about 8 more months to complete our trip. Using frequent flier miles kindly donated to our cause from my father, we flew back to Boston for 3 weeks to visit friends and family, see some Boston sports, and do some errands that have been nagging us for the last couple of months. We also took advantage of the excellent internet connetions available in the US to work on several websites that needed our attention. It’s amazing how busy you can get when you’re unemployed and on vacation! We return to Ecuador on June 2, and will continue our adventure from there. In the meantime, we’re filling up on sushi, cereal, pizza, and all sorts of foods that just aren’t the same in Latin America. Hopefully we won’t forget too much of our hard-won Spanish skills, but it seems to slip away so easily if you don’t practice.

Boston sweeps Toronto at Fenway Park

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