Friday, February 13, 2009

10,000 miles later

Somewhere on the drive between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we hit a milestone for our trip. Since leaving our apartment in California, we have now driven 10,000 miles. As the crow flies, only 2,973 miles separates us from our former home in Mill Valley, USA to our temporary home on Playa Negra, Costa Rica, but we're definitely living a very different life. 7 months and 7 countries later, we've camped in apocalyptic downpours, blistering heat, and numbing cold, slept on beaches, mountains, and lakes, and driven across small rivers, over rocky mountainous passes, and through some car-swallowing potholes. Our faithful car has handled washboard roads at ridiculous grades and we've been grateful on a number of occasions for the 4WD. So, here it is, our greatest hits video of wacky road conditions:

As I said before, Mexican roads are like a box of chocolates. The same seems to hold true for Central America in general.


  1. Whoa, that bus looks horrible. What happened to it?

  2. We have no idea. It was just a burned-out hull on the side of the road when we drove by. We're assuming everyone got off the bus before it went up in flames....


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