Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

Tonight we watched the election returns on CNN while simultaneously trying to follow the results online. We've had some slow connections here, but tonight it seemed like everyone in Mexico shared the same dial-up line. Our friends Kelsey and Tom, a Canadian and a New Zealander, joined us for the evening. Many of the people we met on this trip expressed intense interest in the outcome of this election. I am glad it's over now - the uncertainty was killing me these last couple of days. To calm our nerves during the early hours of the initial returns, we burned some candles and copal we bought in Chamula, a Tzotzil town near San Cristobal. These candles, sconces, and copal incense are used during traditional Tzotzil ceremonies in their church and on holidays such as Dia de los Muertos.


  1. Kristen & Chris--glad to know you're keeping up on the Obama election. There is great happiness abounding here. Longterm republicans are saying out loud they voted for Obama, including one nephew Mac--we almost had a sweep of Noland/Smiths--I think the holdout was Grandma Polly.

    Love the blog,

    Aunt Kay

  2. I nursed my nerves with a cold beer.

  3. Stumbled across your blog and love it. My wife and I took a year off in '06 to roadtrip thru MX. If you find yourself back towards SE Veracruz, I highly recommend a small town called Monte Pio (mountains, waterfalls, virgin jungle, cool rivers and beach all within minutes of each other). Killer place, very rustic and cheap. Ask for Dona Nati's hotel, she'll take care of you. Suerte--rs, TX

  4. Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Here are my short but sweet responses. Aunt Kay- we were lucky to find an affordable place with an English cable channel. As for Grandma Polly, I bet I will be pretty resistant to change at the age of 92 myself! Mac Noland- I am going to take that advice post-election, and add that beer to my post election celebration. Chalk up one more beer for my successful entrance into Guatemala this week. Anonymous, thanks for the info, we may be swinging through Veracruz again on our way up!

    Don't loose hope everyone- we plan to get a few more posts out soon. Things sure are busy when you are homeless and jobless- we have five hours of Spanish classes a day along with homework this week. That is a considerable amount of work when you haven't had a job in a few months. :)


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