Monday, July 7, 2008

Rockies and hot springs

Late last night we found an open campground off of a twisty road through the mountains of Utah. We took a few minutes to enjoy the stars and the view of the milky way in the dark sky before spending our first night in our car Caballo as part of our trip cross-country.
We got an early start to push through Utah for Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. We hope to backpack for two nights, but that is looking a little less likely given our current location. Arches National Park is on the way, we will be stopping there for a quick visit.

We found southwest Utah's steep canyon washes nestled between rusty bluffs and mesas more aesthetically pleasing than our earlier travels through the Great Basin Desert of Nevada and western Utah.

The rocks and dirt became increasingly red as we entered Arches. Hiking in what felt like 100 degree heat makes even a 3 mile hike without too much elevation gain seem pretty difficult, but we were rewarded with great views of the arches.

After our very small but tiring hike, we drove to Glenwood Springs, CO for a relaxing dip in the Glenwood Hot Springs. Instead of driving 40 miles out of the way to camp for the night, we took a dirt road in a National Forest area and found a nice parking spot overlooking the valley. No one drove by us for the whole night.
View from our campsite


  1. As you traveled through Arches National Park, I hope you know your Utah friends were saying hello and safe travels.

  2. Thanks Grant! Thought of you all often, especially as we sped through SLC on our first big push to get some distance under our belts.


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