Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not a stick of timber

We finally set out on our trip across country today. We left early in the morning from Sacramento after spending the night with some good friends. Our last night sleeping in a real home and eating a real meal for about a week. After driving through the thick smoke of the California Sierra wild fires around Donner Pass, we descended several thousand feet to the great basin of Nevada.

Luckily the speed limit on I-80 through Nevada is 75 MPH, so we could pass through the burned out gambling towns and tumbleweeds at a reasonable clip. Nevada is definitely a strange state, and we were wondering how the pioneers could have made it through this desolate desert. It was a quite a feat to dodge boiling hot springs and dust devils with all of their belongings and cattle intact.

The most interesting part of the day was a quick detour to a ghost town marked on our map of Nevada. We found a lot of rusted cans, broken bottles, an old mine shaft, abandoned train tracks, and an old barn. The wind through though the low brush was the only sound breaking the silence.

We plan to sleep in Utah somewhere, and are looking forward to more variety in the geography as we drive south to pick up I-70 through the mountains.


  1. I"m still in the "shocked to be knowing someone who is doing this" phase. Impressed with that packing job, I must say.

  2. You really shouldn't be - the car is still a bit of a mess. We're working on it though.


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