Monday, March 10, 2008

Our first road trip

This past weekend we drove the car down from San Francisco to San Diego to get the camper installed. We parked with a bunch of truckers in a parking lot, and were awakened the next day by a van full of barking dogs. This was the first time we slept in the car, and I am looking forward to having the camper done. It works ok to have two people sleep in the Element even without a camper on top, but it's pretty crowded. There are two sleeping options:

1) Remove the front seat headrest, fold the seat flat, and fold the back seat flat to create a 'bed.' Cornelius seemed to think this was the more comfortable option, but I thought it wasn't flat enough.
2) Push the front seat forward all the way, flip the back seat up, and sleep on the floor. Here's a picture of Cornelius still asleep the next morning.

You can also see what a scenic location we chose for the night. No really, this is scenic for the 5 in California.


  1. brilliant! have you read the four hour workweek?

    keep on trucking!

  2. Thanks Matthew. Yes, I have, but I am not in the New Rich category just yet. I love the ideas in the book, and hopefully it will help us get closer to our mantra: "Retire early and often". Let me know of any other good books in this category you run into.


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