Monday, February 18, 2008

Voting in the US Presidential Election from Abroad

I was very concerned that we would not be able to vote in the November 2008 Presidential elections as we would be out of the country and wouldn't have any official forwarding address for receiving absentee ballots. Cornelius didn't seem as concerned as me (bad citizen!) so I spent some time poking around online to make sure we would be able to vote. I found my way to the Federal Voting Assistance Program and they referred me to the local registrar of voters. The local registrar was very helpful, and it turns out that you can actually list your email address as your forwarding address (as long as you can explain why that is your only address). They will email your ballot to you, whereupon you print it out, fill out the ballot, and then fax it back.

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  1. i am relieved that the brinner-novak family will be exercising its civil liberties!

    btw, the poll says 2008...


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