Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pepe is gone...

Pepe is Cornelius's old car btw. We'll post pictures of the sad farewell after we've quit our jobs and are no longer planning in secret. We wanted to trade in Pepe when we bought the Element (we've been calling it caballo for now till its true name reveals itself) but there was something we had to fix with the title, so we just brought it in today as we fixed the title last week. Well, in that week, Pepe had been sitting unused since Cornelius is driving caballo now, and we had a LOT of rain that week. When we got in Pepe to drive him over to the dealer, there was literally about 3 inches of rain on the floor of the car, which was strange since the windows were still shut. So, after baling out Pepe, we turned him on, and he balked and jolted around and then when we were on the bridge the check engine light not only turned on but started flashing. Not a good sign. But Pepe was loyal to the end and made it to the dealer, and they still agreed to give us $500. Unbelievable - I really thought we were going to have to pay a junkyard to take him. Safe travels Pepe, wherever the road next leads you.

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