Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Learning to speak Spanish

We thought it would be a very good idea to learn to speak Spanish before we are living in largely Spanish speaking countries for several months. We're taking a multi-pronged approach to this process - we bought the 3-part Rosetta Stone program (I'm on part 2, Cornelius is lagging behind on part 1), are listening to Pimsleur Spanish in the car, have flashcards all over our apartment, are going to try Spanish Pod from iTunes, and sometimes try to speak to each other in Spanish with varying levels of success. Cornelius has some trouble rolling his rrs, but apparently there are ways to learn. I think we'll take some conversational classes this spring, and then there are lots of cool options for Spanish classes in many of these countries as well. Hopefully between Spanish, English, and French we'll be pretty well covered, although I know that Portuguese and lots of local native languages from before the conquistadors will be widespread as well. Bueno.

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