Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dogs on Roofs

When Cornelius went to Peru 2 years ago, he took pictures of dogs on roofs for me. (I am dog crazy.) When we were going through his pictures, we also signed up for Flickr which is a great place to share and store photos. At the time, Cornelius wanted to start a Flickr group, since he's a nerd, but he couldn't think of a cool group that didn't already exist. I thought Dogs on Roofs would be a good group, so I started one with his 3 pictures. He thought dogs being on a roof would be a rare picture, how would enough other people have similar pictures? Well, now we're up over 200 pictures (posted by over 150 other users) and frankly, I think this group is great. To quote one group member: "This is the best thing to ever happen to me" - no kidding. I rock.

I plan on adding lots of pictures to this group on this trip.

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